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Brainerd Warrior Football Alumni Project

1991 TEAM

Record: 9-2

CLC Record: 6-1 (2nd)

1991 Central Lakes- 2nd Place

1991 Section Runner Up

Central Lakes Conference Standings

Game Results


Picture Above

Left to Right (No Picture Available)


Chris French (Co-Captain)

Team Stats

Rushing Yards

1478- Chris Veith

726- Chris French

509- Chris Hiltner


Passing Yards

401- Jason Johnson


Receiving Yards

Tait Lillemoe



20- Chris Veith


Tackles (Most)


All- Conference

All Conference


Chris French

Kurt King

Tait Lillemoe

Alan Stier

Chris Veith




Honorable Mention




Most Valuable Player

Chris Veith


Photo Gallery

1991 BHS Soph.png

1991 BHS Soph.png

Where Are They Now?

Coming Soon!

Season Highlights & Memories

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