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Brainerd Warrior Football Alumni Project

2000 TEAM

Record: 9-2

CLC Record: 6-1    (1st-T)

2000 Central Lakes Champions

2000 Section Runner-Up

Central Lakes Conference Standings

Game Results


Picture Above

Left to Right (No Picture Available)


Dan Karlgaard

Lukas Marks

Trevor McColloch

Matt Means

Team Stats

Rushing Yards

1202- Mike Weiss

880- Adam Hardy


Passing Yards

1450- Mike Zauhar


Receiving Yards

404- Tim Seikas



20- Adam hardy

8- Mike Zauhar/ Mike Weiss

7- Tim Siekas


Tackles (Most)

Lucas Marks

All- Conference

All Conference


Bob Brown

Brian Burke

Trevor McCulloch

Matt Means

Tim Siekas

Mike Weiss

Mike Zauhar



Honorable Mention


Chris Foy

Jeff Goodman

Adam Hardy

Joel Jacobson

Brian Reese

Jamie Strowbridge


Most Valuable Player

Mike Weiss


Photo Gallery

Where Are They Now?

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Season Highlights & Memories

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