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Brainerd Warrior Football Alumni Project

1978 TEAM

Record: 7-3

Coach: Ron Stolski

CLC Record: 6-1  (1st)

1978 Central Lakes Champions

1978 State Tournament Appearance

1978 Game Results

1978 Standings


Picture Above

Left to Right (No Picture Available)


Rick Hansen

Tom Hanson

Special Honors

Mpls Tribune All-State, Broadcasters All-State, WCCO Team of the Week

Brad Peterson

WCCO All-State &

Team of the Week

Rick Hansen

WCCO Team of the Week

Earl Erickson

Tom Hanson

Craig Holm

Don Ryan

Joe Smart


All- Conference

All Conference

Earl Erickson

Rick Hansen

Tom Hanson

Craig Holm

Brad Peterson

Don Ryan

Most Valuable Player

Don Ryan


Senior Letter Winners

Gus Alters

Mike Bisek

John Blackwell

Jeff Carlson

Kevin Doran

Earl Erickson

Ty Foran

Rick Hansen

Tom Hanson

Bob Henderson

Craig Holm

Rick Hjelm

Fred Holz

Brad Johnson

Loren Keller

Larry Kidd

Todd Lyscio

Scott Mans

John Mickleson

Erick Olson

Chris Peterson

Brad Peterson

Harry Peterson

Don Ryan

Joe Smart

P.J. Smith

Trent Spreeman

Keith Stunek

Darren Thiesse

Mike VanGeest

Steve Veith

Jeff Vold

Scott Warburton

Dave Wester

Jr. Letter Winners

Brian Andrews

Mike Crawford

Joe Enfield

Jody Erickson

Jeff Frankum

Judd Fredstrom

Brad Gorran

Jeff Hennen

Craig Henningson

Dean Ingemandson

Bill Liamer

Tony Mathison

Tom Martin

Mike Nash

Mike Parker

Pat Ryan

Barry Sorensen

Dan Stettler

Mike Vinje

Brainerd Football

YouTube Page

1978 Videos Available

BHS at Crosby (015)

September 8, 1978

BHS at Elk River (016)

September 15, 1978

BHS vs St. Cloud Tech (017)

September 22, 1978

BHS at Cambridge (018)

September 29, 1978

BHS at Alexandria (019)

October 13, 1978

BHS at Willmar (020)

October 18, 1978

BHS vs Little Falls (021)

October 24, 1978

Where Are They Now?

Season Highlights & Memories

Photo Gallery

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